23 years ago, John Mahon and Eamonn Maher realized their dream. The goal was to create a pub with old-world charm and warmth near the heart of the big city. They wanted to create an up-scale pub that embraced its neighborhood roots. John and Eammon had a vision of intimate booths and secluded tables with the smell of mahogany permeating through the room.

They discovered a bar and restaurant that was as comfortable as your own living room. The space was in the perfect location where tourists, locals, and the business elite could sit side-by-side to enjoy a pint together. Located close to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, right down the block from Rockefeller Center and the bustling shops of 5th Avenue, they knew they had found their future home. There, in the space formerly known as “The Gathering Steakhouse,” PJ Moran’s was born.

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